Communication is an essential aspect of in every situation an individual is confronted with, especially in allied health. Communication is a necessity either it be a professional or personal sense, the ability to process and evaluate is an important component in the healthcare industry and communication allows this to occur (Trenholm, 2017).  In Psychology communication skills is the main component in achieving patient adherence, as communication is highly correlated with better patient care (Zolnierek and DiMatteo, 2009). Communication skills in psychology result in an increased patient satisfaction, self-management and treatment adherence (Levinson, Lesser & Epstein, 2010). Learning communication skills will allow for me to have more effective consultations and improved health outcomes. Effective communication skills will allow for my clients to feel more supported and listened too. This gives the opportunity for a successful therapeutic relationship. This ePortfolio will enable me to understand the importance of communication in psychology and how I can improve my therapeutic relationship through communication. Additionally, it will allow me to have more knowledge on the skills that are needed during communication and how to conduct that skill. An example being active listening, the enablers and barriers of communication and the importance of empathy in this profession.


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